Health and Wellness Coalition

The mission of the Harrison County Health and Wellness Coalitions is …

To inspire hope and implement sustainable programs without barriers so all community members have the same opportunities to improve their health.  Through healthy eating, increasing physical activity, increasing tobacco cessation and eliminating exposure to second hand smoke we can make systematic changes while building partnerships that will multiply the efforts of our work.

Vision Statement:

Healthy Bethany.  Cultivating a community of change for a healthier tomorrow.

About the Health & Wellness Coalition

Health is not just a personal issue. Our health is affected every day by our communities. Building Communities for Better Health (BCBH) is committed to improving people, places, and organizations that touch each of our lives everyday to foster healthier living.

BCBH is working with 17 communities across the state–including Bethany!– to help improve lives by developing chronic disease prevention plans, developing interventions, and sustaining their efforts through expanding their existing partnerships.

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Did You Know?

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Wellness Coalition Meeting Minutes

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