Interagency Council

The purpose of the Harrison County Interagency Council is:

To bring together staff members of human service agencies to enable them to exchange program information, provide updates, and publicize the services each has to offer.

To develop/update a resource directory to be used by the human service agency professional to provide them with information about other human service agencies and to assist them with client referrals.

To sponsor educational opportunities for the service agency professionals.

The Membership of the Harrison County Interagency Council shall consist of:

Staff and board members of the human service organizations that serve Harrison County.  Other interested individuals could also join.

Members:  HCCH, HCHD, RSVP, University of MO Extension, NW Health Services, Food Pantry, Access II, Community Action Partners of NC MO, City of Bethany, NC MO Mental Health Center, Family Support Division