Hospice Staff

The Harrison County Health Department consists of both public health and hospice staff.  The hospice division’s main focus is to provide the highest possible quality of medical care for clients who are terminally ill outside the traditional hospital setting.  The  Hospice employees and positions are listed below:

  • Administrator
    • Courtney Cross
  • Hospice Nurse Supervisor
    • Rhonda Stuart RN, BSN
  • Billing Manager
    • Sharon Miles                        
  • Hospice Nurses
    • Rose Wright RN, BSN
    • Courtney Hamilton RN
    • Lisa Conley RN
  • Hospice CNA  
  • Hospice Chaplain    
    • Trent Willhite
  • Hospice Social Worker                
    • Cathy Snead, MSW
  • Medical Director                            
    • Dr. Terry Hall, MD

Providing your loved one with end-of-life care requires a team…

so you will need to work together with these true professionals! Let's meet them ...

Lisa Conley

Rhonda Stuart

RN, BSN, Hospice Nursing Supervisor

Courtney Cross

Sharon Miles

Hospice, Billing Manager

Courtney Hamilton

Trent Willhite

Rose Wright

Gayle Guess

Hospice Social Worker & Volunteer Coordinator

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