Safe Crib Program

The Safe Crib program provides cribs for newborns and infants under one (1) year of age to families in need.  The cribs are intended to provide a safe sleeping environment for infants who would not otherwise have one.  Many new parents who cannot afford a crib elect to sleep with their baby.  This is a VERY dangerous practice as accidental death of the infant can occur in matter of minutes. 

Who qualifies for the Safe Crib program? 

If you are a new parent with no access to a baby bed, then you qualify.  Our goals are to make sure all babies have a safe sleeping environment, to educate parents about infant sleep safety and prevent unintentional accidents from occurring. 

Participants in the program must agree to: 

  • Place babies on their back to sleep
  • Place babies on a firm, flat surface
  • Use a sheet which fits tightly around the mattress
  • Use a sleeper or a sleep sack instead of a blanket
  • Keep baby’s head and face uncovered 


Participants in the program must agree NOT to:

  • Place babies on a soft mattress, couch, chair, pillow or other soft surface
  • Place babies on a mattress propped up against a wall
  • Dress babies too warmly
  • Use a crib with openings wider than a soda can (2 3/8″)
  • Let babies sleep with toys, pillows, bumper pads, other children or pets
  • Use wedges or cushions to position babies
  • Smoke or allow anyone else to smoke near babies
  • Allow babies to sleep in the same space as someone who:
    • Is a smoker
    • Has used alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications
    • Is too tired to respond to the baby
    • Is very overweight
    • Is a child

If you or someone you know are in need of a Safe Crib, please call the Harrison County Health Department at (660) 425-6324 and ask about our Safe Crib program.

For more information on how your baby should sleep, please visit the websites listed below:

Safe Sleep Missouri

CDC-Helping Babies Sleep Safely

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