Environmental Health Services

Protecting you from environmental health hazards

The Harrison County Health Department offers a number of environmental health services to protect the community from a number of environmental health hazards.

We achieve these outcomes by conducting inspections, performing investigations and issuing permits.  Our trained staff routinely:

  • conducts sanitary inspections for local food service establishments, retail food establishments, food processing establishments, temporary food events, schools, senior centers, child care facilities and lodging establishments
  • issues permits for on-site wastewater treatment disposal systems on residential lots that are less than three (3) acres
  • investigates complaints related to the sanitation of all food establishments, child care facilities, lodging establishments and on-site wastewater treatment disposal systems
  • responds to emergencies (such as tornadoes, floods, fires, transportation accidents, etc.) in which food and food-related items are affected
  • responds and investigates incidents of food-borne illness

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Learn more about courses available for managers and food handlers

If you have questions or feel that you may be in need of our environmental health services, please call (660) 425-6324 for more information.

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