Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri


September Inspections


Stateline Conoco (Eagleville)-Routine inspection conducted on 9/14/16.

Critical- Unlabelled spray bottle in kitchen, all toxics shall contain a label. Corrected

Improper storage of toxics (spray starch) with food, toxics shall be stored separately from food. Corrected

Bag of chips tore open on shelf, discard. Corrected

Ready to eat potentially hazardous foods not date marked in refrigerator. Date on day food is made then discard after 7 days. Corrected

Both freezers are dirty in the bottom on the inside, clean on routine basis. Corrected

Non-critical- Food stored on floor of walk-in cooler, store 6” off of floor to prevent contamination. Corrected

Unshielded bulbs in walk in cooler, above dining area, and first part of hallway. All lighting shall be shielded in food prep and storage areas.

Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer in between uses.

No test kit for testing concentration of sanitizer.

Hand washing sink is leaking out of hot handle & 3 compartment sink won’t shut completely off. All plumbing shall be in good repair.

Ice bagged on site is not labeled.

Hole in ceiling tile in kitchen, repair.

Uncovered waste basket in women’s restroom, all waste baskets shall remain covered in women’s restroom.


Gilman City General Store-Routine inspection conducted on 9/28/16.

Critical-No critical violations noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical- No self closing door on restroom.


Hy-Vee (Bethany)- Routine inspection conducted on 9/28/16.

Critical- Eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods. Raw proteins shall be stored below RTE foods to prevent contamination.

Non-critical-Unshielded bulbs throughout storage room, all lighting shall be shielded above food prep and food storage areas.

Seal needs to be replaced under back walk thru door.