Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

October Inspections


Dinner Bell (Eagleville)- Routine inspection conducted on 10/4/17.

Critical- Can opener dirty, clean. Corrected

2 unlabeled spray bottles in kitchen. All toxics must be labeled. Corrected.

Gravy, potatoes, green beans not date marked in walk in cooler. Date when made and discard after 7 days. Corrected.

Raw proteins (milk) stored above ready to eat foods. Always store raw proteins below RTE foods.

Non-critical- Shelf of vent hood on east side of kitchen dirty. Clean on routine basis.

No paper towels at hand washing sink. Corrected.

Floor of walk-in freezer is dirty. Clean.



Gilman City General Store- Routine inspection conducted on 10/4/17.

Critical- Raw proteins (eggs) stored above ready to eat foods. Store raw proteins below RTE foods. Corrected.

Non-critical- No self closing door on restroom. All doors must be self closing on restrooms.

Improper storage of mops. Mops must be stored in a way they can completely dry in between uses.



The Gilman Café (Gilman City)-Pre-opening inspection conducted on 10/18/17.

No critical or non-critical violations noted. This establishment is approved to open.



Dinner Bell (Eagleville) - Follow up inspection conducted on 10/25/17.

All critical and non-critical violations have been corrected.



Stackhouse Café (Eagleville)-Routine inspection conducted on 10/25/17.

Critical- Potentially hazardous foods not stored at 41°F or below, all PHF’s must be held at 41°F or below. Corrected.

Non-critical- No non-critical violations noted at time of inspection.



El Nopal (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 10/25/17.

Critical- Raw proteins stored above ready to eat food in walk in cooler, store raw proteins below ready to eat foods. Corrected.

Non-critical- No paper towels at hand washing sink. Hand washing sink must be adequately supplied. Corrected.

Grease covered apron on floor by fryer. Remove & Clean. Corrected.

Frozen burger patty lying on top of cardboard box in walk in freezer. Discard. Corrected.