Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri


November Inspections


Beck’s Convenience Store (Ridgeway)—Follow up inspection was conducted on 11/4/15

All critical & non-critical violations have been corrected.


Long Creek Saloon (Bethany)—Routine inspection conducted on 11/12/15

Critical-Ready to eat potentially hazardous foods not dated. All PHF’s shall be dated and discarded after 7 days.

Unlabeled spray bottle in kitchen. All spray bottles containing toxics shall be labeled.

Non-critical-No mechanical ventilation in restrooms, all restrooms shall be mechanically ventilated to reduce odors.


Square Meal Café (Eagleville)—Routine inspection conducted on 11/18/15

Critical-No critical violations noted at time of inspection. 

Non-critical-Broken sink handle on 3 compartment sink. Physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.


Casey’s (Bethany)—Routine inspection conducted on 11/18/15

Critical-Mold on top interior of ice machine & inside of microwave dirty clean on routine basis. All food contact surface shall remain clean.

Employee not washing hands and changing gloves between handling ready to eat food and non-food related items.

Roast beef not dated in prep cooler, discarded. All potentially hazardous foods shall be dated and discarded after 7 days.

Non-critical-Unshielded bulbs throughout establishment, all lighting shall be covered in food prep and food storage areas.