Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

Monthly Food Inspections

August Inspections


China King (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 8/2/17.

Critical- No critical violations noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical- Food stored on floor of walk-in cooler, store 6” off of floor to prevent contamination. Corrected.

Employee’s drink does not have a lid on it. All drinks must have a lid when in food prep areas. Corrected.


Hy-Vee #1036 (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 8/2/17.

Critical- Dented cans of olives, peas, sauerkraut, and enchilada sauce. Discard. Corrected.

Non-critical- No non-critical violations noted at time of inspection.


Em’s Pittstop (Ridgeway)-Routine inspection conducted on 8/23/17.

Critical- Can opener dirty, clean on routine basis.

Eggs stored above ready to eat foods. Store raw proteins below ready to eat foods to prevent contamination.

Non-critical- Vent hood dirty above Auto Fry. Clean.

Top of Auto Fry dirty, clean on routine basis.

Bottom of stainless freezer & upright Kenmore Elite are both dirty. Clean.


Kum & Go (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 8/30/17.

Critical- Microwave dirty by F’real Milkshake freezer. Clean. Corrected

Non-critical- Mops not dried after using and still sitting in water from previous night. Dump water when done mopping and hang mops so they can completely dry in between uses. Corrected.

Dead bugs on floor at east end of soda cooler. Clean. Corrected.



The following food establishments have completed the online Food Safety Handling Course.


China King

Selena’s Mobile Kitchen


All Subway employees at the Bethany location have completed food safety classes provided by Subway