Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

Monthly Food Inspections

August Inspections


Stackhouse Café (Eagleville) - Follow up inspection conducted on 8/1/18.

All critical and non-critical violations have been corrected.


Highway 49 Kettle Corn (Eagleville) - Pre-opening inspection conducted on 8/8/18.

No violations noted at time of inspection. This establishment is approved to open.


Hungry Bird Café (Eagleville)-Routine inspection conducted on 8/15/18.

Critical- Unlabeled spray bottle in kitchen. All toxics must be labeled. Corrected.

Non-critical- No non-critical violations noted at time of inspection.


China King (Bethany) - Routine inspection conducted on 8/22/18.

Critical- No critical violations noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical- Employee’s drink on food prep table does not have a lid on it. All drinks must have a lid on them when in food prep & storage areas. Corrected.

Noodles are uncovered in walk-in cooler. Always keep food covered to prevent contamination. Corrected.



The following food establishments have completed the online Food Safety Handling Course.


China King

Selena’s Mobile Kitchen


All Subway employees at the Bethany location have completed food safety classes provided by Subway