Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri


May Inspections


El Nopal (Bethany)- Follow up inspections conducted on 5/4/16.

All critical and non-critical violations have ben corrected.



Lips to Hips (Bethany)- Pre-opening inspections conducted on 5/25/16.


No critical or non-critical violations noted at time of inspections.  This establishment is approved to open.



Hope Royale (Bethany)-Routine inspection was conducted on 5/25/16.


Critical- Unlabeled spray bottle in kitchen, all toxics shall be labeled.


Non-critical- Hand washing sink is leaking and won't shut completely off, repair.


No soap or paper towels at hand sink.  Hand washing sink shall be adequately supplied and used.


Unshielded bulb by freezer and refrigerator, all lighting shall be shielded.


Single service items stored on floor or storage room, store 6" off of floor to prevent contamination.


No test strips.  Test strips shall be available to check concentration of sanitizer solution.


Refrigerator not maintaining at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below at time of inspection, potentially hazardous foods were removed and continue to monitor temperature for the next week.


Metal stemmed thermometer broke in kitchen.  Replace.