Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

June Inspections


Good Ole Days (New Hampton) Routine inspection conducted on 6/13/18.

Critical- Dented cans of food. Discard. Corrected.

Ready to eat potentially hazardous foods not dated. Always date when cut or made and discard after 7 days. Corrected.

Raw proteins stored above ready to eat foods. Always store below ready to eat foods. Corrected.

No hand sink in kitchen. Kitchen must have a hand sink that is accessible at all times.

Non-critical- Facility opened without obtaining written approval first.

Mechanical ventilation not working in restroom. Repair.

No self closing door on restroom. All doors on restrooms must be self closing.

Top of refrigerator in kitchen dirty. Clean. Corrected.


Good Ole Days (New Hampton) - Follow up inspection conducted on 6/20/18.

All critical and non-critical violations have been corrected.


Taco Bell (Bethany) - Routine inspection conducted on 6/27/18.

Critical- Ice machine is dirty. Clean.

Non-critical- Vents dirty in ceiling by restrooms. Clean.

Fan dirty by prep station in kitchen. Clean.

Vent hood above chicken fryer is dirty. Clean.

Floor of walk-in freezer is dirty. Clean.


The Café (Cainsville) - Routine inspection conducted on 6/27/18.

Critical- Vent hood is dirty with grease dripping on food contact surfaces. Clean.

Ice machine is dirty. Clean.

Soda tips dirty on fountain machine. Clean and sanitize on routine basis. Corrected.

Non-critical- Bottom of refrigerator dirty. Clean

Potatoes stored on floor. Store 6” off of floor to prevent contamination.

Fan dirty on prep table. Clean.


Southern Snow (Gilman City) - Pre-opening inspection conducted on 6/27/18.

No violations noted at time of inspection. This establishment is approved to open