Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

July Inspections


Bethany Nutrition Site- Routine inspection conducted on 7/5/17.

CriticalUnlabeled spray bottle in kitchen. All toxics shall be labelled. Corrected

Non-critical- Fans in kitchen are dirty. Clean on routine basis.

Employee’s drink does not have a lid on it in kitchen. All drinks must be covered when in food prep areas. Corrected.


Hungry Bird Café (Eagleville) - Routine inspection conducted on 7/26/17.

Critical- Improper storage of toxics. Toxics must be stored separately from food related items. Corrected.  Ready to eat potentially hazardous foods not date marked. Date when food is made and discard after 7 days. Corrected.

Non-critical- No self-closing door on restroom, spring needs to be adjusted. All restrooms must have self-closing doors.


Harrison County Food Pantry (Bethany)- Routine inspection conducted on 7/26/17.

Critical- Dented can of chili. Discard. Corrected

Non-critical- Unshielded bulb in walk-in cooler. All lighting in food prep and food storage areas must be shielded.