Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

January Inspections

McDonalds (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 1/11/17.

Critical-No critical violations noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical- Chicken nugget on floor between fryer and cooler, clean. Corrected during inspection.

Bottom of walk-in freezer dirty, clean on routine basis. Corrected during inspection.

Missing ceiling tile above orange juice machine, repair. Corrected during inspection.

Wiping cloths lying on counters throughout establishment. Store in sanitizer when not in use, corrected during inspection.

Unshielded bulbs above cups in storage room, all lighting shall be shielded above food prep and storage areas.


Silver Dollar Café (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 1/18/17.

Critical-No critical violations noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical-Food stored on floor, store 6” off of floor to prevent contamination.

Missing ceiling tile in storage room, repair.


Casey’s Store #1644 (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 1/18/17.

Critical- Unlabelled spray bottle in kitchen, all toxics shall be labeled. Violation was corrected during inspection.

Non-critical-Floor of walk-in cooler dirty, clean on routine basis.


El Nopal (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 1/25/17.

Critical-Can opener blade is dirty and rusty, replace.

Employee’s medicine stored with taco salad bowls, remove. Corrected during inspection.

Gasoline stored in bathroom of kitchen, remove. Corrected during inspection.

Non-critical- Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer, always store in sanitizer bucket when not in use. Corrected during inspection.

No paper towels at hand sink; hand washing facilities shall be adequately supplied. Corrected during inspection.

Meat thawing in a bin on the floor and shrimp thawing in box on floor, always thaw meat in refrigerator or under running water. Corrected during inspection.


Windy Knoll Bent & Dent (Bethany)-Routine inspection conducted on 1/25/17.

Critical- Several dented cans throughout establishment, discard. Violation was corrected during inspection.

Velveeta cheese that is not properly labeled and French fries with only Chinese label, removed from shelves. Food products shall be properly labeled.

Non-critical-Outdated baby formula and children’s medicine. Discard. Corrected during inspection.

Food stored on floor of walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer. Store 6” off of floor to prevent contamination.

No self closing door on restroom, all restroom doors shall be self closing.

Missing door knob going into walk-in cooler, physical facilities shall be maintained in good repair.