Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri


February 2016 Inspections


Casey’s General Store #3081-Routine inspection conducted on 2/24/16

Critical- Unlabelled spray bottle in storage room, all toxics shall contain a label. Violation was corrected during inspection.

Non-critical- Floor on walk-in freezer by ice machine dirty and vent above ice machine is dirty, clean on routine basis.

Step stool in walk-in cooler has mold on bottom side; all non-food contact surfaces shall remain clean.

Food stored on floor in storage room, food shall be stored 6 inches above floor to prevent contamination. Violation was corrected during inspection.


Pizza Hut-Routine inspection conducted on 2/24/16

Critical-No critical violations were noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical-The following non-food contact surfaces are in need of cleaning: Both white box fans in kitchen, soda dispenser hookups, ceiling above fryer by soda boxes.


Dairy Queen-Routine inspection conducted on 2/24/16

Critical-Dead mouse found in basement along with mouse droppings and several flies throughout kitchen, thoroughly clean basement and control pests.

Non-critical-Basement door has gap underneath it, all outer openings shall be sealed to prevent pest entry.

Several damaged ceiling tiles throughout kitchen, replace.

Unshielded bulbs in basement, all lighting shall be shielded in food prep and food storage areas.

Personal items stored on cake frosting, all personal items shall be stored in a designated area away from food prep areas.

Plaster peeling off of east wall in kitchen by exit door, repair.