Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

August Inspections


Stackhouse Café (Eagleville) - Follow up inspection conducted on 8/1/18.

All critical and non-critical violations have been corrected.


Highway 49 Kettle Corn (Eagleville) - Pre-opening inspection conducted on 8/8/18.

No violations noted at time of inspection. This establishment is approved to open.


Hungry Bird Café (Eagleville)-Routine inspection conducted on 8/15/18.

Critical- Unlabeled spray bottle in kitchen. All toxics must be labeled. Corrected.

Non-critical- No non-critical violations noted at time of inspection.


China King (Bethany) - Routine inspection conducted on 8/22/18.

Critical- No critical violations noted at time of inspection.

Non-critical- Employee’s drink on food prep table does not have a lid on it. All drinks must have a lid on them when in food prep & storage areas. Corrected.

Noodles are uncovered in walk-in cooler. Always keep food covered to prevent contamination. Corrected.