Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

The following inspections were conducted during the month of August 2015:

China King
(Bethany) – Follow-up inspection conducted on 08-03-15.
All priority violations have been corrected.
All core violations have been corrected.

Toot Toot Restaurant (Bethany) – Routine inspection conducted on 08-10-15.
(1) Employees using gloves but not washing hands. Employees shall wash their hands before donning gloves, after using the restroom, between tasks, after handling soiled equipment or utensils, after touching self, after coughing, sneezing, using a tissue, smoking, eating, drinking, or engaging in other activities that may contaminate hands. Violation was corrected during the inspection.
(2) An employee has a coffee cup and thermos setting on the cutting board of the prep cooler in the grill area. Employees shall eat, drink, use tobacco, only in designated areas and away from food and prep areas to protect from contamination. Violation was corrected during the inspection.
Seven violations, including: 1. Boxes of food and food-related products on floor; 2. Floor of wallk-in freezer and mixer in need of cleaning; 3. Some non-food contact surfaces are not smooth and easily cleanable; 4. Wiping cloths are not stored in sanitizing solution; 5. Clutter in kitchen; 6. No covered trash can in women’s restroom; 6. Some single-service containers stored improperly.