Harrison County Health Department

Bethany, Missouri

 Hospice Staff

Pictured from left to right: Tonya Seiter, Gayle Guess, Rhonda Stuart, Sharon Miles, Courtney Hamilton

2nd Row: Trent Willhite, Christy Erwin, Courtney Cross, Rose Wright

The Harrison County Health Department consists of both public health and hospice staff.  The hospice division’s main focus is to provide the highest possible quality of medical care for clients who are terminally ill outside the traditional hospital setting.  The  Hospice employees and positions are listed below:

                    Rhonda Stuart, RN

               Hospice Nurse Supervisor

Billing Manager 
Sharon Miles                        

Hospice Nurses
Christy Erwin, RN     
Rose Wright, BSN
Courtney Hamilton, RN
Rachel Flowers, RN

Hospice CNA  

Hospice Chaplain    
Trent Willhite       
Hospice Social Worker                 
Gayle Guess, MSW           
Medical Director                             
Dr. Terry Hall, MD